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Have you ever heard of a medical waste company that doesn't lock their customers into 3 year long contracts? What about a company that earns and maintains customers through fair pricing and outstanding service? Have you ever heard of a medical waste company that only charges what was agreed upon, without hidden fees or added charges? Such a company DOES exist.

In early 2008, a few veterans of the healthcare sector realized that the medical waste industry was in need of dire improvements. Healthcare facilities were over paying for substandard service, while locked contracts prevented them from finding a better alternative.

MedWaste Management was created as an answer to these problems. Since our founding, over 5000 healthcare professionals have come to learn that a company that provides outstanding service for competitive pricing will never need locked contracts to keep their customers.

So please, look around and explore our website. There are a lot of great tools and pertinent information which really lets the customer know what we're all about.